“I found cheaper to do PPF elsewhere”. HOLD ON, check this out first

We answer many online, phone call and in store inquiries on daily basis. Some customer often doesn’t realize the difference of products and quality they get. Here is what it’s like:

“Hey I want to get a quote of a full frontend PPF on my car”
“Sure. With XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF full frontend protection would cost $2XXX for the size of your car”
“That’s a lot of money. I can get it for $15XX”

We feel sorry for them. It’s their decision to choose which PPF to install however chances are 1. they get unknown brand, or “our own brand” PPF with unknown origin, 2. Film gets yellowing after couple of months, especially when compare side by side with XPEL films, 3. Very poor fitment and finish.

Believe it or not, we have quite some customers come to us to fix or reinstall PPF they had from our competitors. The job is so poor that you almost can’t believe someone would pay for it. The customer end up paying so much more than they should if they come to us in the first place. Below is a BMW M2 wrapped by someone else.

Sloppy hand cut, poor fitment, dirt edge,  you get what you pay for. Below is another example shows why you shouldn’t go for inexperienced hand cut install.

So why choose XPEL? Apart from far superior film clarity and thickness, XPEL DAP pattern software offers the most accurate fitment and capability to customize the design. Below are cars we’ve protected with XPEL PPF, you should be able to notice the difference. Again, you get what you pay for.