Express detail is designed for customers who want to invest less time and money, while still enhance the look of their car. The perfect cut and polish for a weekend car show, or just before selling the car. Standard cleaning inside and out, quick polish (with correct factor of 60-70%) to remove light swirls, and CarPro Reload to enhance the gloss and slickness of the paint.



Express detail use CarPro Reload spray sealant as final touch and protection. Reload packs with the deep wet gloss, slickness, beading, and incredible dirt repellency. From the leader in automotive nano technology this formula was originally designed to maintain the protection and quality of CQuartz coatings.

However CarPro Reload is no “one trick pony”, and has proven itself as an industry leading stand-alone sealant!  Durability of up to 6 months on daily drivers is not uncommon and better yet it stays glossy wash after wash. Reload offers a slick, hydrophobic coat, which repels water like no other.  Coupled with its ability to repel dirt & grime this leaves a long lasting, deep rich gloss.


First impressions are all-important when you’re trying to sell something, whatever it might be. Make the effort to get your car ready for sale and you could reap the reward of a higher price. Our Express Detail is a perfect match for car pre sale detailing. Your car will look newer, buyers will see it’s well-maintained, and you’ll be able to ask more for it. You might even want to keep it as we’ve seen quite some customers rather keep their car after express detail.


Our work process is based on zero compromises. To achieve the best results, we’ve developed and adopted our own work process. Each step is meticulously checked and approved by a supervisor before the next process can begin. We treat each and every job with special care and attention for car enthusiasts, small business or corporate clientele alike.

1. Washing & Decontaminate

A multi-stage washing process is undertaken on the vehicle, ensuring all surfaces have been properly cleansed and washed. Then all surface impurities and contamination is chemically and physically removed from the vehicle. Wheels, tires & engine are foam cleaned and dressed. Interior dashboard, seats and carpet are wipe cleaned or vacuumed.

2. Paint correction

With the vehicle cleaned and dried, we will carry out a single stage quick paint correction with correction factor of 60-70%. Which means paint will look glossier and shinier overall however fine details like front/rear bumper curvy edges, rocker panels etc will remain untouched. This process will transform your car to a presentable state while still keep the cost low.

2. Sealant protection and final touch

With all painted surface corrected, we then apply our long lasting spray sealant to make the car even glossier and also provide a layer of protection with extreme water repellent and hydrophobic behaviour. No matter you’re planning to sell the car or go to the weekend car show, your car would be the one that catches people’s eyes.



Our express detail cost from $440 for small hatch sized car. Send us an enquiry or pop in at our workshop so we can give you a personalised advice.

Most express detail service take 7-8 hours (or 1 day) to finish.

Our CarPro Reload spray sealant can last 4-6 months depending how you use the car. Over time the sealant protection layer can wear off but you can easily reapply it either by yourself or come to us.

Our multi layer ceramic coating system provides more long term protection compare to express detail (from 2-5 years protection). You can learn more about our Deluxe detail and Prime Signature detail.

First things first, NEVER go to automatic car wash with brush, this is the number one cause of swirls and scratches on your paint that makes the car look dull and dirty. Also be careful to go to “hand car wash” franchises usually they after speed and volume rather than care about scratch free. We can teach you maintenance tips if you DIY or just come to us for maintenance which quality and scratch free can be guaranteed.

Yes. We offer optional services including interior steam clean, leather deep clean and coating protection, in additional charge. To check all of our additional services, click here.

No ceramic coating can protect paint from deep scratches or stone chips. You may want to check our XPEL paint protection film instead for ultimate level of protection that can stop stone chip damages.

You can buy the same sealant product we use in our online store. Or come to us for a maintenance wash with top up.

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