Introducing Modesta Range Of Liquid Glass Coating

At Prime Finish our mission is to offer the most advanced and exclusive car care products to our customers. All products and services are proven to perform at its best and suitable to Australian climate (very important as most of our competitors products are failed to protect from Australian mineral rich rain water spot).

The latest addition to our ceramic coating service offerings is Modesta Liquid Glass Coating – a highly unique clear hard glass layer for automotive paints with a durability of up to 10 years if cared for properly. Modesta Coatings protect your vehicle’s paint from all kinds of damage; including wash-induced swirls, light scratches, UV oxidation, tree sap, bird droppings, salts, acids and even permanent ink and paints.

The Liquid Glass Coating encases your car in a shield of extremely durable and hard glass. The Advanced Water-repellent Glass Coating can even be applied to the most advanced and sophisticated paint systems, such as Nissan Scratch Shield, Lexus’ self-restoring coat and Mercedes ceramic paint. Modesta will reduce the cost and time associated with maintaining the exterior, eliminating oxidation & fading of the paint before it begins to decrease the resale value.

All Prime Finish staffs are Modesta official trained and certified installers to ensure highest quality application process and achieve products maximum performance.

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Modesta Range Of Coatings Overview: 

Neosillica Matrix Coating (BC-08) – Coating for quicker application on daily driven vehicles. Traces of zirconium create great shine and luster on the paint while it’s three dimensional matrix ensures excellent water repellency and self cleaning. The coating acts as a self scarifying barrier to protect the finish of the vehicle from scratches and marring as well as adverse environmental effects with durability of 2-3 years.

Pure Glass Coating (BC-03) – Extremely durable and hard glass coating that reflects light with specific wavelengths, producing an instant luminous shine and gloss. Delivers state of the art water repellency and scratch protection. Perfect for light and solid colours, it is highly hydrophilic coating with durability of 3-10 years.

Nano-Titanium Glass Coating (BC-04) – Creates a deep shine and spectacular reflections on todays automotive paints. The hard protective layer delivers advanced protection against wear and aging of today’s darker colored vehicle’s and their clear coats.

Advanced Water-repellent Glass Coating (BC-05) – Based on a 3D molecular frame, Modesta BC-05 produces thick, candy-like gloss. It is ideal for protecting against wash damage, oxidation, scrapes, scratches, watermarks, salt, acid, ink and much more. Its hard glass layer also creates a high-gloss finish that will provide your vehicle’s paint job with unique aesthetics.

Paul Daltons’s Private Label Dual Layer Glass Coating (PD Private Label) – The very pinnacle of Modesta products, Private Label two part inorganic liquid glass and top organic layer coating will endow your vehicle’s paint job with optimal protection.
The result of the collaboration between Mr. Paul Dalton – the world’s leading detailing expert based in the UK – and Modesta chemical engineers in Japan, Private Label is an extremely thick coating which combines the best of sheen-full aesthetics with unprecedented durability and protection. It is designed to withstand the harmful effects of tar and asphalt, oxidation, chemicals, mechanical damage as well as corrosion. This coating is extremely hydrophobic, with 3-10 years durability. The application is very labour intensive and requires great attention to detail in order to achieve those unbeatable results.

Heat Resistant Hard Glass Coating for Wheels, Brake Calipers, Tail Pipes and body (BC-06) – A hard glass coating with a tight molecular structure that which creates long-lasting protection and is resistant against heat of up to 1,300* Celsius. It is thus especially efficient at protecting wheels from burning hot brake dust and fancy tail pipes from emissions catalyst.

LPS Leather Protection System – Keep your leather seats looking plush and feeling comfortable with two component system Modesta LPS. This one-of-a-kind product will drastically enhance your leather interior’s resistance to grime, dirt, spilled liquid and abrasion. This product is a must for prestige vehicle owners and anyone wishing to keep their leather in good condition, preventing it from cracking or fading over time. Modesta LPS makes leather softer to the touch and protects it for minimum 12 months.

How to properly maintain a ceramic coated car?

You just had your car detailed & ceramic coated professionally. It looks clean, glossy and free from any paint defects. But how to maintain this perfect finish and make the coating last as long as possible in the next two years? What’s the difference in maintaining a coated car versus a non-coated car? In this post we will clarify these doubts and explain how we maintain customer’s ceramic coated car in our workshop. So you know what’s the best car detailing products to use and how to do it properly in your garage.

In our previous post 6 misunderstandings about ceramic coatings, you’ve already learnt ceramic coating is not a bullet proof protection on top of your paint, unlike paint protection film, ceramic coating does not resistance to swirl marks, scratches or stone chips. So a coated paintwork is also vulnerable to scratches or improperly washing techniques.

1. How often should I wash my car?

Although ceramic coating has self cleaning ability that makes car look cleaner for longer. It doesn’t eliminate the needs of regular maintenance wash. A normal drop of rain water contains a certain amount of dirt and minerals. When water evaporates on the paint surface, the minerals are left behind creating visible spots. If you don’t wash the car regularly those minerals will etch through coating and eventually down to the clear coating creating permanent damage. 

Generally you should wash your car weekly, or at least fortnightly. Especially after raining days. Thanks to the benefit of having your car ceramic coated, washing your car would be significantly easier and better results.

2. Which washing methods to use?

If your car is not too dirty, just normal dust or fingerprints, you can safely use waterless wash if followed correct procedure. Use 5-6 clean and soft microfiber towels, such as Microfiber Madness CrazyPile, mist diluted CarPro ECH2o or P&S EcoDetail Epic Waterless Wash on both microfiber and the paint, fold the towel and glide through the surface with no pressure. Use fresh side every time you moved to a new section.

If your car need a proper wash, we follow 2-3 buckets method. Although some professional detailers also promote “no bucket” method which might works for them, but we believe bucket washing is the safest and error free method for most people.

Prepare 2-3 buckets with Grit Guard at the bottom, one wash bucket, one rinse bucket and depends on your setup you might want one wheel bucket as well. Always keep the wash bucket clean, rinse the dirty wash mitt in rinse bucket.

3. Use electric high pressure washer that’s designed for professional car wash

Most high pressure washers you can get from hardware store are not solely designed for car wash. The water stream comes from the spray nozzle is not 100% safe for paintwork. How can you tell? You may ask. Just put your hand half meter away from the spray nozzle and see if you feel pain when fire up the pressure washer (* be extremely careful if you’re not sure about your pressure washer specifications, test it at your own risk)

Kranzle pressure washer has been recommended by professional detailers and enthusiasts around the world. We’ve worked hard to source the best quality MTM SGS35 spray guns, lance and MTM PF22 foam cannon to complete the solution. With 40 degree spray pattern and optimum water pressure this setup will give you best results and efficiency.

4. Choice of car care products during maintenance wash

  • Wash shampoo:

For non-coated car or prior to decontamination process: CarPro IronX Snow Soap, Concours SNOW+ Intensified Foaming Wash
For coated car: CarPro Reset, Concours SNOW Dual Concentrate, P&S Pearl Auto Shampoo

  • Wash pad:

Microfiber Madness Incredimitt
Microfiber Madness Incredipad
Microfiber Madness Incredipad XL

  • Drying aid:

CarPro ECH2o + Canyon Spray Trigger and Bottle
CarPro Elixir
P&S Bead Maker

  • Drying cloth:

Microfiber Madness Dry Me Crazy
Microfibre Madness WaveRider
The Rag Company Platinum Pluffle

It’s important to notice you should wash the car from top to bottom, rinse the wash mitt regularly without contaminate it. Use high quality detailing products that are designed for your coating and follow the correct technique. Happy washing!

6 misunderstandings about ceramic coatings

This article is intended to clear some misunderstandings of ceramic coating people have. Whether I should get ceramic coating? Which coating product should I choose? What benefits can I get out of it? Below are 6 major misunderstandings of ceramic coatings on the market.

1. Your vehicle will be scratch proof

Some companies will even go as far as showing their coating being keyed or scratched with a lighter. The truth is, ceramic coatings are scratch resistant, NOT scratch proof. There’s a big difference. A fancy water resistant watch will work fine if you accidentally leave it on in the shower. Point a pressure washer at it for hours however, and you’re likely to run into some problems.

The same logic applies to your ceramic coating. If you follow proper safe washing procedures, you’ll see a huge decline in swirl marks and wash marring. If you wash your car with steel wool though, it’s not going to save you. When the crazy guy you cut off on the highway keys your car in the parking lot, you’ll be heading to the body shop no matter what. You’ll also be paying to replace your coating as well.

2. Ceramic coatings are meant for people who don’t take care of their cars.

The truth is the exact opposite. Despite their high levels of protection, the reality is that ceramic coatings just don’t like getting overly dirty. The best way to care for your coating is to wash it carefully, and often. The benefits of a coating are much more apparent when it’s kept clean.

3. Your vehicle will be protected from stone chips.

Ceramic coatings are not thick or flexible enough to absorb the impact of a rock hitting your paint at highway speed. The only way to protect your paint from stone chips is with a high quality paint protection film. These films tend to be much more expensive than ceramic coatings.

4. You can skip straight to applying a coating if your vehicle is brand new.

You’d think this one would be true, but it’s not. Unfortunately, most new vehicles will be delivered to their owners with defects in the paint. Sanding marks and holograms from improper buffing are the most common. Sometimes repairs are needed due to issues with the painting process or damage done to the vehicle after it leaves the factory. Car companies don’t spend the time or money to repair them properly, so these “fixes” will show up under certain lighting conditions.

If your car sat on the dealer’s lot for some time, it’s also very possible that it’s been washed incorrectly. That means it’ll already be covered with swirl marks. Unfortunately, this applies to every car company, from Hyundai to Ferrari. Your paint will need to be properly inspected and corrected before it’s ready for a coating, regardless of whether it’s new or not.

5. Anyone can apply a ceramic coating themselves.

The coatings that offer the most protection for the longest amount of time are for professionals only. The reason for this is that the coating is so strong that in the event something goes wrong it can only be removed by wet sanding. The companies don’t want the liability of you messing up your paint, so they only offer these to their accredited detailing businesses. There’s usually a process required to become an accredited detailer. It involves proving to the company that they are experienced and know what they’re doing. Finding one of these detailers will give you peace of mind knowing that they have the right skills for the job. At Prime Finish we offer CQuartz Professional and CQuartz Finest Reserve both are professional only coatings and only available through authroised installers.

Most ceramic coating companies have a milder “prosumer” version of their flagship coating that they offer to DIY detailers. It might seem like anyone can apply these themselves without problems, but that’s not always the greatest idea.

The application can still be tricky, and you need to have a very clean environment with perfect lighting to do a proper job. In my opinion, unless you have plenty of experience with paint correction, these coatings are also best left to the professionals to apply. These don’t need to be wet sanded to be removed, but if you have any leftover high spots it will certainly require compounding and polishing to fix. It’s not always as easy as the guys on the internet make it look.

6. Ceramic coated vehicles can be washed with water only.

Perhaps if your car is just slightly dusty, you might be able to get away with rinsing it off and blow drying it. If you’re going to touch your paint though, water is never enough lubrication on its own. Any company that claims you can use only water and a towel to wash your vehicle should be avoided. That will surely cause scratches. You need to use a soap that’s recommended for ceramic coatings.